Monday, January 04, 2016
This 2016, i wish for better health, wealth, greater happiness & stability in life Xx 

Dec updates

Sunday, December 27, 2015
Here to fill up my blog with pictures from December. 
Meet up with the uni friends, a day filled w activities from K-session to St. Games, a really tiring but fun day! 

Bohemian look of the day skirt & bag: Hnm 

Okay, shall find time to fill this space w more pics. I've so many backdated travelogues to do. I'll find time~~ 
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STYLENANDA 3CE purchase part I

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
I've been a big fan of stylenanda so here's a pic of some of my purchases during one visit there on my exchange. I've lots of skincare and makeup from (Korea & Japan)  to share with guys, and will definitely do so after my finals!

L-R (Lip pigment, highlighter, lipstick chu chu shade, full cover concealer / Shimmer stick, glassful waterfall foundation, bold blush, lipstick) 

Lip pigment: love this shade, it's like crayon pink, the colour is really obvious. try this if you want to go for a doll look 

Highlighter: my 2nd purchase, it is a little too glittery, and a bit drying though

Lipstick(chuchu shade): This is limited edition, one of their top 3 products. Stylenanda is well known for their lipsticks, and this shade in red is definitely one you should own. Costly? Yes, but very worth it.

Full cover concealer: very good for heavy coverage, long lasting 

Shimmer stick: again quite glittery for my liking, perhaps suitable for night makeup 

Glossing waterful foundation: i love this, coverage is awesome! the bottle comes with a drip like thing. 2 drops is enough. i suggest you guys to mix it with a few drops of their  facial mist to achieve a more glow look. 

P/S: This is just 1/4 of the purchases i made, more to come in the next post, with more pictures of the products & shades and all!(: 

Part III

Thursday, November 05, 2015
More pictures taken on Day 2 of the trip before we did our water sports. The sun was crazyyyy, could barely open my eyes for pictures. 
Featuring my fav fringe romper from H&M.

Had soooo much fun doing water sports such as Jetski, banana boat & Canoeing. I intended to try parasailing too, but sadly it was under renovation. But ,Jetski was soooo fun, it made up for everything else!  The waves were crazy though, thought i'd fall into the water or what when i was driving at full speed....thankfully i didn't. We paid $35/pax in total for 3 activities. Actually, we just paid the price of 1/2 hour Jetski and the other two sports were complimentary from the hotel! So, my advise is go do the water sports on weekdays, and perhaps you may enjoy the same perks too!
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Batam Part II

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Woke up really early for breakfast, food was pretty decent~

Water sports after that! Also, the main reason for our trip!! I've been dying to try water sports for the longest time, and am so glad i finally did!!!

It was super sunny then at 12pm, which explains the over-exposed pictures. Some pictures taken before water sports. 

More updates in the next post x 
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Batam Part I

Friday, September 04, 2015
Finally posting some pictures from my Batam trip! It was a fun & relaxing trip, a really good getaway before school commence. 
Below are some pictures from day 1! I'll tryyyyyyy my best to provide some useful info & tips & in this post! 

 Ferry ride was about 40 minutes, and ticket was priced at $45 for a two way trip!

 We checked into Batam Beach View Resort at around 2pm. The place was huge, and quite empty as we were there on a weekday. 

 The room was really big, they even had a balcony to the beach view.

 Love this part of the room, a sofa chair to just chill..... 

 The hotel staff got us a cab and we headed over to the biggest mall in Batam - Nagoya Hill shopping mall ($40 round trip, pretty pricey). The cab driver gave us 4 hours to walk around, and sent us back to the hotel after that.

 A & W !!!! Loveeee this when i was young, so happy to try it again! 

 Probably one of the best waffle i ever had, very crispy & not too sweet. 
  Shopping there was reallyyyy boring though, clothes were out of trend, and imitation good everywhere...... I guess 2 hours at the mall would be enough. So, we went to the supermarket instead.

Settled for dinner at Happiness Restaurant, and i highly recommend this place! - Good food at reasonable price.  

 Salted egg prawn at $6, really nice! We ordered 3 dishes for 2, and the bill came up to $45 which was quite reasonable.
 Played some arcade games as it was really cheap like 20cents per game.

  Back to our hotel for some drinks & games - pool, darts & golf.

 Day 1 ended with a short magic show which i was invited to try since  we were the only few audiences there. And, this wraps up my first day at Batam!(:



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